8:30 - 9:15am: Arrival

Anytime after 8:30 am, the kids bring in their parents and say their goodbyes. Our ECE caregiver has prepared the space, ready to start a fun day full of child-led play. In the meantime, the duty parent and duty kid make sure morning snack is ready to go.

9:15am: Morning snack

The home-made, vegetarian diet at Dandelion includes a range of unrefined, unprocessed foods: whole grains, fruits, veggies, with limited salt, sugar, gluten, dairy, and additives. Parents try to bring organic and local. Oh yeah, and keep it tasty, too!


10:00am: Bathroom visits & dressing for the outing

Our staff and parents make sure kids are ready to head outside to play and explore the turf around Bloor and Dovercourt. From sunscreen and matching hats in the summer to mitts and toques in the winter, the kids get ready to be out and about.

10:30 - 12:00pm: In (and around) the 'hood

Dandelion outings range far and wide, taking in Christie Pits to the east, Bloor-Gladstone Library and Dufferin Grove to the west, and all kinds of parks and spaces in between. Occasionally, and with help from other parents, we've even made trips to Toronto Island and the ROM. Once a month, we visit New Horizon’s rest home and spend time singing and colouring with the elders there - a real treat for everyone involved!


12 - 12:30: Lunchtime

All food is cooked by the duty parent the day before which means all meals at Dandy are home cooked with goodness! (Our Dandelion recipe blog offers ideas for nutritious and delicious vegetarian lunches, from curried veggie soup to rice pasta and tomato veggie sauce, banana muffins to gourmet pizzas.)

12:30-1: Ready to nap

After lunch, diaper changes and/or trips to the potty are followed by some down time (books, songs, stories) as the kids prepare for a nap.


1 - 3:00: Downtime for duty parents and staff

Parents and staff use the quiet to grab a coffee, clean up some dishes, or even catch a nap and recharge after an especially busy morning. When kids wake up, we play quietly with play-doh to slowly greet the afternoon.

3-5:00: Afternoon snack & outdoor play

A snack, a diaper change/washroom visit, and then some outdoor play in our fully shaded side yard filled with outdoor toys.

4:30 - 5:30: Pickup

Parents ask their child about her or his day, chat with the duty parent and learn from the staff about concerns. Often, some playing is involved before a thanks and bye. Meanwhile, the duty parent attends to chores to ready the space for the next day's adventures.

Being a part of this community has been an absolute gift for our family. We have learned so much about what it means to parent as a community and we’ve watched our child blossom into a confident, kind, and incorrigible little playmate in any social situation she finds herself in.
— Jeff Carolin