Fun Things We Do:

Camping Trip:

Every summer we go camping as a co-op!

Screen Shot 2019-09-09 at 10.05.24 PM.png

Halloween Parade:

Each Halloween, we parade around our block with costumes and sometimes we bring instruments! We follow this up with a potluck in our daycare space.


visiting new horizons rest home:

Each month we spend a morning with the elders at New Horizon’s rest home. We sing songs, learn about their wheelchairs or other daily support tools, and colour with them. We learn so much from them and they love to watch us play!


yearly fundraiser:

We organize a yearly fundraiser for community outreach and fun-raising (and sometimes, fund-raising).

holiday potluck:

Around the holidays we organize a potluck for co-op families and gather to chat, connect and play!

Pizza Parties:

This is informal, but it happens after some daycare days where we order pizza and stay for dinner together.