Welcome to Dandelion Daycare Cooperative!


We’re proud to be a childcare space that is nurturing, creative, playful, and passionate about social justice. Integral to the Co-op is the commitment of all members to provide quality, home-like care, resulting in an environment in which kids of diverse ages can thrive. All families and family compositions are welcome at Dandelion.

Kids can start at Dandelion at approximately 18 months of age.



Find out about our Co-op,
mission, methods, and the beauty that is a community based daycare.



We’d love to have you.

Are you looking for your village (to nurture your family?)
Dandelion is NOT your average daycare! It’s about community. It’s about working together and co-creating a village of attachment for your kids.

We’ve been part of the coop for the past 3 years and I can honestly say I am so grateful I have found a community of families committed to working and growing together in this way. When I began Dandelion 3 years ago, I thought it was more for my son but have learned how much it’s for all of us and how much I’ve grown as a parent through our involvement. It’s a lot more time and energy than your average daycare, but if you have it, is SO worth it.
— Twyla Kowalenko